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Sanger Sequencing


MWith over a decade of experience in Sanger sequencing, STAB VIDA is the most reliable choice for your DNA sequencing project. We guarantee high-quality results with fast turnaround times and personalized customer support. Our laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best service in the market.

Send us your PCR products and/or plasmids, and you will receive accurate and quality results within a maximum turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

Choose the service that best fits your project from our three available options: Premium Sequencing, You Tube It & You Plate It, or Run Only.

We make it easy for you to submit your samples: simply use our complimentary refrigerated collection points located in your institute or a nearby facility, ensuring secure transportation. If you are not familiar with our collection points, feel free to request more information.If you don’t have a collection point yet, ask us for one totally free of charge today.



sanger team cor      We provide high-quality results at competitive prices. Choose the best service in Europe for your DNA sequencing project. 



premium sanger

A STAB VIDA offers you the Premium option for Sanger DNA sequencing, leveraging its strong and extensive experience in this field to provide you with quality results.

Our Premium protocols have successfully sequenced hundreds of thousands of PCR products, plasmids, and other DNA constructs for clients from universities, hospitals, industry, and SMEs at a competitive price.

You need to send your DNA and primers in separate tubes. We will then proceed with quantification and preparation of the sequencing mixture.

Sample Requirements:

  • PCR Products (purified) ≥ 20 ng/µL (minimum volume of 15 µL)
  • Plasmids   ≥ 100 ng/µL (minimum volume of 15 µL)
  • Primer - 10 pmol/µL em ddH2O (minimum volume of 5 µL)

Take advantage of the opportunity to use our extensive list of UNIVERSAL PRIMERS and enjoy  FREE RESEQUENCING.

Results in 24/48h!

Contact us: | tel: +351 210438606 | skype ID: Sales from STAB

sanger premiuim 01

You Tube It & You Plate It

you tube it sanger

"You Tube It" is a low-cost service provided by STAB VIDA for DNA sequencing using the Sanger method. It is a simple and economical option. Prepare the mixture yourself (DNA + Primer) following our recommendations (confirm in the table below) and place one of our barcodes on each tube or plate. You can request the barcodes for free (online or call us directly).

"You Tube It" and "You Plate It" are our innovative services where you perform half of the protocol, and we complete the rest of the work!

Results within 24/48h!

Requirements for Shipping:

  PCR Product
< 10 kb

> 10 kb

Start with:

10 μL DNA (Purified)

≥ 20 ng/μL

100 ng/μL

500 ng/μL


3 μL Primer

10 pmol/μL

10 pmol/μL

10 pmol/μL

Note: You Tube It / You Plate It reactions do not include free resequencing.

Contact us: | tel: +351 210438606 | skype ID: Sales from STAB

youtube sanger 01

Run Only

run only

For the Run Only sequencing service, mix the DNA, primers, and Big Dye in the correct quantities. Once received in our laboratories, STAB VIDA processes your reactions on ABI 3730 xl sequencers.

This is the lowest-cost option for your sequencing project.

Results in 24h!

Sample requirements:

  • Samples should be prepared under standard conditions on a sequencer.
  • The used kit Big Dye kit must be specified.

Contact us: | tel: +351 210438606 | skype ID: Sales from STAB

run only 01

Sequencing Packs

sequencing packs

The prepaid packages for our DNA sequencing services come in two options: 100 reactions Premium or 50 reactions You Tube It.

Easy ordering process: Save money by purchasing multiple sequencing reactions. Save time, logistics, management, and costs, as it will be billed in a single transaction.

You can monitor the usage of your package online and track its transaction history. Each time an order is placed with STAB VIDA, the reactions equivalent to the respective package are automatically deducted.

On the other hand, our packages have no expiration date, nor is there a minimum quantity of reactions per order.

Contact us: | tel: +351 210438606 | skype ID: Sales from STAB

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