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Paternity Testing


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Paternity Test With Legal Validity

paternity lega

The high quality of results begins with the donor sample collection. STAB VIDA selects the most suitable materials and protocols to ensure the integrity of the samples during transport anywhere in Europe, Africa, or elsewhere in the world.

Contact us by phone or email, and we will assist in finding the most convenient laboratory for sample collection. The biological material used is blood (3 drops) or buccal swab. The identification and informed consent of each participant are also required.

Sample analysis follows the quality guidelines recommended by the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG). With STAB VIDA's primary goal being to achieve a 0% error rate, samples undergo duplicate analysis by two different technicians. The genetic profile of each participant is a DNA analysis based on the identification of a minimum of 15 to 20 short tandem repeats (STRs), corresponding to commercially available markers recommended for paternity testing. We can guarantee a paternity probability of 0%, excluding paternity, or higher than 99.99%, not excluding paternity. Sample analysis from the mother is always recommended. Provided private data, as well as the obtained results, are kept confidential.

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Anonymous Paternity Test

anonymous paternity

The anonymous test is suitable for private use and can be conducted at home. This test is very similar to the legal test; however, there are four differences:
  • Samples are collected at home using our "Home Kit".
  • There is no identification of donor samples. Donors remain anonymous.
  • The test is not applicable for legal purposes.
  • Results can be sent via email and consist of calculating the probability of paternal inclusion among the donors of the samples.

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Parentage Testing


If the father's sample is not available, it is possible to analyze other relatives of the father with the aim of indirectly determining paternity. Paternal grandfather, grandmother, as well as an uncle are potential donors to be used in this analysis. However, the inclusion of the mother's sample is highly recommended.

Even though this test utilizes 20 STR markers, the paternity probability is lower (80-99%) and may require the analysis of other relatives. The report could be sent via email, mail, or delivered in person. The data and results obtained are always confidential.

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Genetic Profile

genetic profile

DNA profiling is much like a fingerprint, but far more precise as it identifies the 15 DNA markers (STR) that are unique to each individual throughout their life.

If you are curious about your DNA profile or wish to gift a DNA profile to your child or best friend, please inquire about our GeneVida DNA CARD.

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