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Fragment Analysis


STAB VIDA proudly offers an advanced service for capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis, delivering high-quality results accompanied by personalized customer support. Our seasoned scientific team specializes in post-PCR fragment analysis, aiming to elucidate genetic markers through the identification of variations in specific DNA sequences.

To concurrently examine multiple fragments, we utilize a range of fluorescent probes (Dye Set DS-30: 6-FAM, HEX, NED, internal control ROX/Dye Set DS-33: 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET, internal control LIZ). Presently, our comprehensive service includes genotyping and SNP detection, microsatellites, and Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP).


fragments team cor         Make the ideal choice by selecting our dedicated team, offering the best balance between quality and price for your fragment analysis project!



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Fragment analysis is an incredibly useful tool in various applications, from plant genotyping to studies on biological evolution and bacterial identification. At STAB VIDA, we offer the most efficient protocols to meet your needs.

Choose our Premium service and free yourself from concerns in your laboratory. At STAB VIDA, we work tirelessly for you! Our protocols are meticulously crafted to provide the best service quality with minimal costs. Just perform the PCR, and we'll take care of adding the internal control and formamide, ensuring high-quality results.

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With or without experience, this service option can be highly advantageous for you!

If you're already well-versed, STAB VIDA is here to offer substantial assistance. Send us your samples, already prepared with PCR product, internal control, and formamide, and we will perform the separation through capillary electrophoresis on the Hitachi ABI 3730xl platform.

Contact us: / tel: +351 210438606 / skype ID: Sales from STAB

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