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The Team


STAB VIDA team is composed of a group of young and motivated professionals dedicated to performing highly specialized work on a daily basis. Comprising scientists, laboratory technicians, engineers, and administrative staff, our team is diverse and committed. Whether you are a patient, doctor, scientist, researcher, or a recently graduated young professional, we are always open to contact and dialogue, whether for hiring opportunities or joint collaborations. We are dedicated to the new world of genetics and genomics, applying our profound knowledge of DNA to continuously improve the quality of life. This commitment involves contributing to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, extending the power of DNA technology into the necessary applications in our daily lives.

At the forefront of the new world of genetics and genomics, we apply our deep understanding of DNA to continually enhance the quality of life. We contribute to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, expanding the reach of DNA technology into essential applications in our daily lives. At STAB VIDA, we are committed to innovation and the practical application of genetic knowledge to improve health and well-being.


Count on the help of our team! We are committed to you!  






Message from the CEO

Dear client and partner,

It’s awesome to share with you how excited I am about the future. It’s incredibly rewarding to work in a field where me and my team can help to make new discoveries involving genetics - like the human genome or new diagnostic panels.

Our vision is that DNA data and related data will immensely improve not only the quality of life, but also contribute to sustainability of resources and better relation with Nature. We want to be part of this fantastic path, and enjoy it even better if together with you!

It has been 15 exciting years of learning and growing, and meeting many new customers from different geographies. We are now an ISO certified company with a brand new label “SME Leader” given by the Portuguese Government. Thanks for being part of it!

Please contact us for your new project or for a research partnership, we will be glad to either be your genetics provider or your H2020 SME partner

Million thanks for your trust, and as we say inside the team:

 “The client is the real hero of our story!”