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Clinical Sequencing


With over 10 years of experience in diagnosing genetic diseases or genetic predisposition to them, STAB VIDA has accumulated the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality services and highly reliable results.

At STAB VIDA, we offer protocols that include both Massive Sequencing (NGS) and Sanger Sequencing. Grounded in the high qualifications of our team, we are committed to meeting your expectations positively.


clinical team cor       Choose a specialized team, choose STAB VIDA to provide you the most reliable clinical sequencing services, ISO 9001 certified


Lactose Intolerance Testing


offers you a reliable and practical test to identify the activity of the gene responsible for lactose degradation, the sugar in milk. Our experienced team ensures the preparation of a detailed report.

If the gene is active, you don't need to worry. However, if it is inactive or has reduced activity, it indicates lactose intolerance, with symptoms that can vary among individuals, depending on the amount of lactose consumed.

Don't waste any more time and clarify your nutrigenomic profile with the assurance of STAB VIDA.

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