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In our vision, discoveries related to DNA will not only significantly improve the quality of life but also contribute to the sustainability of resources and harmony with nature. We wish to be an integral part of this fantastic journey and share this experience with you to the fullest!

It is a great honor to work in a field where we can contribute to new genetic discoveries. Knowledge of DNA is crucial for enhancing the quality of life and, consequently, for advancing the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, amplifying the impact of technology associated with this molecule in our daily needs. 

STAB VIDA operates in a challenging environment and is committed to enhancing its performance by continuously exploring new opportunities. In a broader sense, our mission includes a constant commitment to innovation and the adoption of new technologies in biotechnology, through research and development, technology transfer, and a suitable commercial approach for products and services intended for the global market.

Over the past years, we have embarked on an exciting journey of learning and growth, establishing partnerships with various collaborators in different geographies. Currently, we are a certified company with the ISO standard and proudly display the "PME Líder" brand, awarded by the Portuguese Government. We actively participate in significant projects under the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. We are pleased with our journey so far and aspire to increase our efforts in R&D, playing an even more relevant role in the field of genomics.

If you are interested in exploring new projects or research partnerships, do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to be your trusted partner in genetic services or as an SME partner.