Clinical Sequencing


With more than 10 years of experience in supporting labs for diagnostic of genetic diseases and potential genetic predispositions, STAB VIDA has accumulated knowledge and competence in how to provide high-quality and reliable results. We invest deeply in customer support and excellence of services.

STAB VIDA offers you the most accurate protocols involving Sanger Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, coupled with a highly qualified team, in order to respond to your needs with the highest quality.


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Target Sequencing


For detailed clinical studies, where it is important to sequence only particular regions of the genome, STAB VIDA offers several solutions in order to identify a chosen DNA or RNA target sequences.

Our flexible customer support accompanies you in all steps of your target sequencing project. From library preparation to bioinformatics, we will provide a full service adjusted to your needs and budget.

Forget all about the typical problems related to the interpretation of the results, our bioinformaticians will allow you to efficiently identify and treat the regions of interest.

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Exome Sequencing

exome study service

is focusing its efforts to investigate exomes for disease marker discovery, diagnosis or appropriate treatment choice and further performs whole exome sequencing studies.

STAB VIDA integrates the state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing technology with a specialized custom bioinformatics and result interpretation by clinical geneticists, aiming to provide a detailed report of the genetic variations found and their clinical significance. The fundamental advantage of whole exome sequencing to obtain almost all the exons in all the sequenced genes, along with our extensive experience in clinical exome interpretation, enables a better understanding and a superior diagnostic yield as compared to conventional studies.

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Lactose Intolerance Testing


provides you with a reliable and practical test to know if the gene responsible for the degradation of lactose (sugar in milk) is active or inactive. Our experienced team provides you with the genetic interpretation result in the form of a comprehensive and efficient report.

If the gene is active, you can still drink milk without experiencing symptoms of lactose intolerance, on the other hand if the gene is inactive or has reduced activity, means that you are lactose intolerant (symptoms vary from person to person and depend on the amount of milk ingested).

Don´t waste more time and clarify your nutrigenomics profile with STAB VIDA´S quality assurance.

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Obesity Predisposition Testing


Obesity is one of the most common disorders and a serious public health problem worldwide, as a result of its association with other pathologies.

The obesity predisposition test is recommended for all, especially to those who manifest ease on gaining weight or overweight/obesity family history, concentration of sugar or triglycerides in the blood (regularly), type II diabetes family history and cardiovascular disease. Our predisposition genetic test genetic offers you a full interpretation of the genes that are associated with obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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