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Orfeu Flores

Geneticist, long research experience in UNL, IGC and ITQB and with more than 10 years executive experience, a master’s degree in Science and Technology Commercialization and member of various Portuguese and European science and technology boards.

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Message from the CEO:

Genetics has always been my passion. DNA is my favourite molecule, and its potencial to help people in health, forensics, improve nutritional habits and contribute to a cleaner environment is tremendous, and has been driving my professional life ever since I went to IGC for a PhD project. Being the founder and the CEO of STAB VIDA has been a fantastic experience, from all perspectives. I have been a priveliged actor of this fast changing and high-tech world, meeting expert scientists, dedicated doctors, project officers from the European Commission and many fantastic people who come to STAB VIDA for so many and chalenging questions. Me and the incredible team at STAB VIDA are commited to expand our reach to different countries and continue our learning-by-doing process with this extremely rich environment of people and technology. And of course, contribute to uncover the magnifency of the DNA molecule. Welcome to our website, welcome to STAB VIDA.

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