Regarding our vision, we hope to improve not only the quality of life, but also contribute to the sustainability of resources and a better relation with Nature by usage of DNA and related data. We want to invite you to work with us on this in order to make way for this astonishing future together.

It’s a great honour to work in a field where we can help to make new discoveries involving the new world of genetics: important knowledge from DNA to improve quality of life, contribute to better diagnostics and therapy of diseases, spread the power of DNA technology for useful applications on the daily needs. 

This is the challenging environment where STAB VIDA operates and intends to enhance its performance by exploring new opportunities. To make it happen, we work hard every day to harnessing innovation and adopting new technologies in biotechnology through research and development, technology transfer, and proper commercialization of products and services in the global market.

It has been 15 exciting years of learning and growing and meeting many new partners from different geographies. We are now an ISO certified company with a brand new label “SME leader” given to us by the Portuguese Government, and we are part of a set of important projects included in EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. We are proud of our route, and we intend to increase our R&D activity and play an important role in genomics field.

Please contact us regarding your new project or for a research partnership, we would be glad to either be your genetics provider or your H2020 SME partner.