Next Generation Sequencing of DNA


The past years have brought a shift in DNA or RNA sequencing strategies. With more than a decade of experience in nucleic acids sequencing, STAB VIDA offers the best possible value for your money regarding Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. We have the capacity to perform your massive sequencing project with a high-level of confidence and always with personalised customer support.

Try our new strategies to sequence your genomes, exomes, transcriptomes, etc, of different sizes and origins. Apply massive parallel sequencing and enjoy the possibility of producing millions of sequencing reads for each sample within a single experiment that will answer demand for a fair price. 

At STAB VIDA we offer a service of NGS, proposing three different platforms: Ion TorrentTM and Illumina® HiSeq®2500 or MiSeq®, to deliver the best service for your needs.


NGS team         Get millions of sequences for each of your samples within a few days



plasmid and mithovondrial

Get your plasmid constructs and your mtDNAs sequenced in 72h with 100x or 200x coverage.

Plasmids are essential tools used in genetic engineering for both gene transformation and genetic manipulation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. They are very valuable when it comes to synthesizing proteins of interest in large quantities (e.g. insulin or antibiotics). 

Mitochondrial DNA sequencing is a useful tool for studying certain cancers, aging, population genetics and biodiversity assessments. Also use our service to find out the heteroplasmic mutations from your samples

Using the Ion TorrentTM platform and expert bioinformatics software, we obtain high quality raw data and perform meticulous bioinformatics analysis, if desired. The raw data you get consists of up to 1 million reads of 200 bp each for the highest coverage of your DNA construct.

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ngs plasmid 01



Trust your de novo sequencing projects to our team.

Over the past years, STAB VIDA has developed remarkable expertise in Genome Sequencing, using a combination of NGS platforms, from Ion TorrentTM to HiSeq®2500, depending on the size of the genome and your objective. We will provide you the full raw data, and de novo genome assembly, or basic reference alignment. Moreover, it is also possible to include automatic annotations in your order.

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genome ngs 01



RNA-seq allows the detection and identification of nearly every class of molecules transcribed. Analyse whole transcriptomes in order to study gene expression analysis or marker discovery. RNA-seq doesn´t require prior knowledge of gene sequences. Than also gives you complete coverage of transcriptome and provides information about exon structure and alternative splicing events.

STAB VIDA works with several platforms to tailor your NGS experiment so that it fits your needs in a costs-effective manner. In addition, our company offers a complete bioinformatics study of your sequencing results.

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Study the nucleic acids of entire microbial communities without isolating them. Metagenomics performed at STAB VIDA is a valuable tool that facilitates the construction of genomic libraries of complex samples.

This technology can provide information about microbial communities derived from diverse origins, water, soil, skin, digestive tract, among others. It supplies information not only about the communities structure (species richness, diversity and distribution) but also about its possible potential functions.

STAB VIDA will help you in the elaboration of your project, recommending and using the best platform for each project. Tell us about your project and receive the best  quality data with optional bioinformatics for a fair price.

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