STAB VIDA is strategically located on a research and technology park (Madan Parque - FCT/UNL) with administrative and accountability facilities and two ISO9001:2008 certified fully equipped labs, and a specialized personnel with more than 10 years of experience in genetics and genomics.

STAB VIDA established in 2001, is a Portuguese biotech SME with 25 employees and a dedicated line of products and services for genetics and genomics. Currently, its sales territory is spread out mainly throughout Portugal, Spain, UK, Italy, South America (Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) and Africa (Angola and Nigeria), including a client portfolio for NGS and “gold-standard” Sanger-sequencing of 20 clinical diagnostic laboratories/centers. STAB VIDA’s team include a CEO, CFO, COO, Project Manager, laboratory staff (including 3 PhD students), a sales force of 4 sales persons and 3 distributors (Israel, Nigeria and Catalonia-Spain).

STAB VIDA also has an extensive experience of participating and coordinating in national and European projects (3 under FP6 and 4 under FP7). In particular, STAB VIDA’s former participation in the EuroGentest NoE FP6 project, which aimed to harmonize the process of genetic testing from sampling to counselling, across Europe, will be valuable to conduct the easierNGS regulatory assessment and the coordination of the LungCard FP7 project, in particular, for the design of lung cancer pharmacogenomics NGS panel.