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paternity team Low cost paternity tests may not fulfill high quality standards! STAB VIDA guarantees high quality results at very fair prices!


Paternity Test With Legal Validity

paternity lega

The high quality of results starts with the collection of the donor’s sample. STAB VIDA selects the most adequate materials and protocols to guarantee the samples integrity during shipping wherever you are in Europe, Africa or any other place in the world.

Contact us by phone or email and we will help you find the most convenient laboratory to collect the samples. 3 drops of blood or a buccal swab are needed. Also the identification and informed consent of each participant are required.

The analysis of the samples fulfill the quality guidelines recommended by International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG). Because the company aims for 0% errors, the samples are analysed twice by two different technicians. The genetic profile of each participant is a DNA analysis based in the identification of a minimum of 15 and often 20 short tandem repeats (STRs) markers commercially available and recommended for paternity testing. We can guarantee the probability of paternity of 0% (excludes the paternity) or higher than 99.99% (does not exclude the paternity). The mother´s sample analysis is highly recommended. The private data provided as well as the results are confidential and the report can be sent by regular email or delivered by hand.

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Anonymous Paternity Test

anonymous paternity

The anonymous test is adequate for private use and suitable to be made at home.

This test is very similar to the LEGAL, however there are four differences:
  • Samples are collected at home using our “HOME KIT”.
  • There are no identification of the donors’ samples. The donors are anonymous.
  • The test is not suitable to be used in court.
  • The results might be disclosed by email and consist on calculating the probability of parental inclusion between the donors of the samples.

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test anonimo 01

Parentage Testing


If the father´s sample is not available, it is possible to analyse other father´s relatives in order to determine the paternity indirectly. Paternal grandfather, grandmother as well as uncle are possible to be used in this analysis. Moreover, including a sample of the mother is highly recommended.

Although this test uses 20 STR markers, the probability of paternity is often lower (80-99%) and may required the analysis of others relatives. The report could be sent by email, regular mail or delivered by hand. The provided data and results will be kept confidential.

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Genetic Profile

genetic profile

The genetic profile or DNA profile is very similar to a finger print but much more accurate because it identifies the 15 STRs markers in DNA that are unique in your entire life.

If you are curious about your DNA profile or want to offer the DNA profile to your child or best friend, please ask us about our GeneVida CARD.

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