Our Labs


STAB VIDA´s laboratories are equipped with he latest’s state of the art equipment of recombinant DNA technologies, needed to offer you the best services for your biotechnology projects. Our DNA Lab and Human genetics Lab are located at Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Monte da Caparica Campus - Life Sciences Department, and our Veterinary Genetics Labs are located at Laboratório Nacional de Investigação Veterinária, Vairão. Take a look at our modern facilities in the pictures above. If you want to visit our facilities, please contact us and we will be delighted to welcome you at STAB VIDA.

Campus FCT UNL
Edifício Departamental de Química, Laboratórios 007 e 009
2825-516 Caparica

Centro de Testagem Molecular
Rua dos Lagidos, Lugar da Madalena
4485-655 Vairão

Email: info(AT)stabvida(DOT)com
Telefone: +351 21 295 67 20/1
Fax: +351 21 295 67 22